Monday, July 13, 2020

Dan Snyder is a Broken Man

The fact that this is happening is not because Dan Snyder has had a change of heart. It's happening because he's afraid of losing money.
Just less than two weeks after one of his most prominent corporate sponsors urged him to change the name of his football team, Washington owner Daniel Snyder plans to announce the retirement of the "Redskins" nickname and reveal a new team name Monday morning, a person with knowledge of the situation confirmed to USA TODAY. The new name remains unknown, but Warriors, Red Wolves and Redtails have ranked among the post popular choices among fans on social media. Snyder has long ignored requests of Native American tribes and other organizations to change the name because some deem the term offensive, citing the fact that the dictionary classifies it as a racial slur.
 The threat of losing corporate partners and sponsorships is driving the change from what the team is called now to what will likely be the "Warriors." That's the word I'm hearing. It could be some other option, but at least it is happening.

Snyder, who is the worst owner in professional sports, is probably a broken man right now. I would argue that this is what he's doing in order to keep the team from declining in value faster than it already is. There's a good chance that he'll get a new stadium built inside of the District of Columbia but there's a better chance that Snyder is going to sell the team in order to get out from under the controversy and the misery of his tenure as the owner.

No one has done more to alienate their fanbase than the Washington Football Team. No one.

Friday, July 3, 2020

Call Them the Washington Senators

The Washington D.C. professional NFL franchise has seen the writing on the wall, and they're making an effort to wait out the outrage so that they can eventually keep their name.

I don't think Dan Snyder will change the name. I think he'll sell the team and let someone else "kill" the brand. I could be wrong on that. He is single-handedly responsible for being one of the five worst owners in the history of the game. All the goodwill, all of the great relations with the fanbase are largely gone in the wake of his disastrous tenure. I think this is more about how he exits the stage than anything.

If we're looking to the history of the game, there was an NFL team (don't confuse it with the baseball team of the same name) called The Washington Senators. They went through a few nicknames and were the Washington Pros at one point. But why not just call themselves the Senators and build a new stadium where RFK Stadium is currently located? What would be wrong with that?