Saturday, December 13, 2008

Is There Anyone Meaner Than Jim Bunning

Jim Bunning

And I think it's a good kind of mean, not a distinctly evil kind of mean. It's major league baseball pitcher mean, the kind of mean that comes back and bites a person in the ass:

Jim Bunning was the toast of Detroit when he threw a no-hitter for the Tigers in 1958.

Now, after opposing a federal bailout for the auto industry, the Republican senator from Kentucky can't even get a gig signing autographs at a suburban sports-card show.

Bunning was to appear Sunday at the Gibraltar Trade Center in Taylor. Fans would have paid $35 for Bunning to sign a baseball and $55 to sign a bat.

But Bunning was kicked off the schedule after he helped derail an auto-industry loan package in the Senate Thursday night.

I don't know what this accomplishes--it just means that a collector who wanted to get his Jim Bunning autograph cannot get it and put it on the Internet and make a slight profit from it. Bunning voted against auto industry reform because he is, inherently, a mean and vicious man who just happens to be a U.S. Senator who honestly opposes such a thing, you see.

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