Friday, May 29, 2009

Chiclets on the Ice

There was some thought given to stopping the fighting in hockey.

No, that won't happen.

There is some talk about Pittsburgh winning the Stanley Cup.


I can't really talk smack about the impending Stanley Cup Finals. I do know this--if Detroit doesn't win, it would be a surprise to me. They are properly positioned to win because of their veteran line up. It's just not quite the year for Pittsburgh.

Now, if they can keep the Penguins together for a couple of years, well. Then I would be more inclined to favor them over anyone in the east.

This has to be an exciting series to keep the interest in hockey alive. There should be chiclets on the ice in every game, and if it goes seven games, all the better. Next year, I would like to see more hockey on television. Really, this is outrageous, sir.

It IS the best professional sport and it IS the hardest to play.

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