Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Evgeni Malkin is keeping the Penguins alive

I'm flitting back and forth between hockey and whatever else. There's never enough time in the day and I'm functioning with little or no sleep these days. Too much to do. Hockey used to relax me. Now? Now it just gets me in a lather.

Evgeni Malkin has two assists tonight, and he's keeping the Penguins alive. Sidney Crosby? Nothing. No goals, no assists, and I'm not sure what's going to happen. Pittsburgh is at home. They have to win tonight to stay in it. If they don't, it would take a Detroit collapse to open the door for Crosby's first cup.

Is the National Basketball Association still playing? LeBron who?

UPDATE FOR YOU: Yes, the Penguins won 3-2 ( I do NOT accept or count "empty net" goals. They should be asterisked and not counted as long as it doesn't affect the outcome of the game).

Sidney Crosby got an assist. Things might be turning around.

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