Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sports Rounded Up

Tremendous upset? Tremendous choke?

No, it's hockey, and these things happen. If Sidney Crosby wins the Stanley Cup five more times, this year will not seem like a fluke.

I have to get back into the habit now of paying attention to baseball. We used to get the satellite dish packages and baseball would be on constantly when I lived in New Hampshire. I would watch baseball all afternoon, pick a marquee game for 7PM, then stay up and catch West Coast baseball and be up well past midnight. Every day. For over five months or so. I don't pay attention early in the year. This year? This year I'm not watching at all.

This made me howl:

Interference should have been called. In my mind, a bird is the same as a fan. And a fan couldn't go sit in center field and muck things up, correct?

I used to catch the Dan Patrick show virtually every day. I'm glad he's still on:

Michael Wilbon joined the show to discuss the NBA finals. Here are some Wilbon's takes ...

-- Wilbon said the NBA finals was over when Dwight Howard missed those two free throws in the final minute. He called it a huge "choke job." Wilbon said the Magic should have wrapped it up at the end. Now Wilbon thinks the Lakers will wrap it up in five.

"If you're not going to protect a five-point lead at home, what's a bigger choke job than that?" Wilbon said.

Wilbon was more upset with Hedo Turkoglu's missed free throws than Howard's. Because at least Howard works hard on improving from the charity stripe.

-- Dan asked Wilbon today's topic, would you rather be Derek Fisher or Reggie Miller? Wilbon wants to the star even without a ring.

"I'd rather be a guy who carried my team deep into the NBA playoffs," Wilbon said. "Barkley and Reggie and Ewing ... those guys are superstars whether or not they are wearing a ring."

-- Dan also asked Wilbon if Phil Jackson was a great coach or if he had great players. "I don't care what anyone says, he's the best coach," Wilbon said.

-- Wilbon can't understand why LeBron James would go to the Knicks. Wilbon says LeBron should go to the Clippers. Once the Clips get Blake Griffin, they'll have more talent than the Knicks. "If you're going to be a star, why not go to L.A.?"

The Clippers? No, I'm sorry. LeBron James needs to join one team, and one team only if he wants to win a title. And that team is:

The San Antonio Spurs.

If you gathered LeBron and Shaquille O'Neal, and got Chauncey Billups to come along for the ride, combining those three with Tim Duncan and Tony Parker would give you a championship team. Shaq would have to defer a bit, but I don't think he would mind.

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