Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Tom Glavine Released by the Atlanta Braves

Tom Glavine 1991 Topps Card

There's no sentimentality in baseball, and that's why I like it:

Cooperstown-bound left-hander Tom Glavine was released by the Braves today, has confirmed.

The Braves didn't think he had good enough stuff to get out major league hitters, according to sources. However, Glavine's velocity was improving in his rehab starts, and he was reportedly throwing in the mid 80s. The 43-year-old Glavine, who was coming back from shoulder and elbow surgery, threw six scoreless innings for Class-A Rome on Tuesday night and proclaimed himself ready to pitch in the majors again.

Glavine was to receive a $1 million bonus for pitching in the majors this year, but he didn't pitch one inning for the Braves.

It is immediately unclear whether there are new suitors for Glavine, but his longtime agent Gregg Clifton said the Atlanta resident is willing to consider pitching for someone else. Glavine had minor elbow and shoulder surgery in the winter with the hope of returning to pitch for the Braves.

It just wasn't meant to be, I guess. I have rather enjoyed watching Glavine pitch throughout the years, and I always enjoyed watching Greg Maddux pitch as well. If you remember the 1990s, and I know I do, there was nothing better in those days than to watch Braves games and see Glavine pitch one night and Maddux pitch on another night and compare their ability to fool pitchers and out-think their opponents.

Oh, and there used to be a thing called class in baseball. Glavine had class.

This idiot? This idiot has no class:

Five days after receiving a six-game suspension for "violent and inappropriate" conduct, Carlos Zambrano found himself in hot water again on Tuesday. But this time Zambrano is in trouble with Cubs management and his teammates rather than Major League Baseball because he blew off the team flight to Atlanta on Monday without permission. It was not known what his reason was for missing the departure. Zambrano arrived at the ballpark Tuesday afternoon and was summoned into manager Lou Piniella's office before the game for a meeting that lasted about five minutes. He wasn't in the clubhouse after the game as he is serving his six-game suspension. This isn't the first time Zambrano has ignored team rules, but the Cubs appear to be wearying of his act. He's expected to be fined for this latest incident and may be asked to apologize to his teammates.

Compare and contrast the two. It certainly is true that Glavine could get fired up, but hurt his team? Embarrass himself? Not like Zambrano. Not by a long shot.

Those were the days, as they say. Sadly, it looks like we are done watching Glavine pitch. I hope he is a Republican, because he would make an excellent US Senator or even a fine governor. But first, it is on to Cooperstown.

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