Saturday, July 11, 2009

NASCAR Crashes Are the Best And So Is The Trash Talking

I don't care what you say about all of the other sports--the smack talking and the trash talking and the insults are best when it comes to NASCAR. Basketball has the gibes going back and forth, football has the line of scrimmage taunting, and golf has the subtle dig at the news conference. NASCAR has the smackdown.

Tony Stewart says that he and Kyle Busch talked on the phone for about 30 minutes earlier in the week, and that both were in agreement about their final-lap wreck at Daytona last Saturday-that it was not the way that anybody wanted things to work out but that it was racing, pure and simple. In other words, Them's the breaks.

But Busch apparently didn't come away with the same impression. Meeting with the media at Chicago yesterday, the Shrub got prickly. Claiming Stewart "dumped" him, Bush said, "I think NASCAR can take a step in looking at it, and if the second-place driver bumps the leader, then black-flag (him). He doesn't get the win."

I'm sorry, but how exactly did Stewart dump Busch? Kyle blocked Stewart's first move to the inside, but the second, to the outside, gave Stewart's car position. Busch, attempting a second block, then swerved up the track and hit Stewart's left front bumper with the 18 car's right rear quarter-panel. Busch, not Stewart, initiated the contact. Stewart, not Busch, had position, and did nothing but hold his ground. Is Busch kidding? Take a look for yourself.

I will embed the video here--


Now, is this a black flag violation?

Nope. That's because what I see is nothing more than a little door banging. That the 18 car would get loose and lose control is clearly the fault of the driver, not the person who hit him. Those are the breaks, kiddo.

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