Saturday, August 8, 2009

Hockey Says No to a Dude With Lots of Money

Are those your Chiclets on the ice, sir?


As many of my loyal and dedicated readers know, I am a huge fan of hockey. Just mega awesome huge, as the kids say.

Were I in a position to purchase a hockey team, I certainly would. I would buy any one of the 26 clubs in the NHL, hands down. No questions asked. I would move to Montreal. I would move to Calgary. I would not move to Buffalo. Let's not get crazy.

I don't think I've seen anything like this in a while:

[ a note--I was not warned or contacted--I just noticed this.]

Rather than the story, I have to stop and divert into some nonsense. This is Associated Press content. They say "Copyright 2009 Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed." at the end of the article where the above link takes you, so I'm not going to publish it here. What's funny is that they don't want me to reproduce their pedestrian little article, but the website in question basically gives me the link so that I can link to their content:

Read more:

And therein lies the ridiculous state of affairs we find ourselves in, circa the Internet, right about now. Sports Illustrated would love me to link to their site and talk about their content, but the Associated Press is shitting its pants at the idea that I might introduce their product, and their partner, Sports Illustrated, to some people who want to read some sports content. I don't just "reproduce" articles to gain links. When I blog, I bring it and I leave it. Many times, I follow exactly the rules and I even do most of the talking. Oh well.

I shall now pantomime what is at the link:

This dude wants to buy the Phoenix Coyotes. Whoa, dude, says the 26 current owners of the NHL. You can't buy the team. Dude says hella damn I sure can. Some dude called the Judge is going to decide. Hockey all says "we think you're a douchebag." And then it goes on.

Now, when I am told that I am unsavory and that I suck, big time, I take it all in stride. Love will find me. Readers will find me. Beauty? Beauty has always found me. I don't know if I could handle having 26 men who are as rich as myself telling me to go away and sell my brand of crazy some place else. I would probably weep like a teenaged girl in love with a pop star who thinks I'm gross.

Can and should a professional league control who buys into their association? Of course they should. Provided there is a viable commissioner looking out for the integrity of the league, the validity of the product, which is the fair competition between the clubs or franchises, and the public interest in seeing a level of actual legitimate play.

The NHL has a commissioner, love him or hate him. Major League Baseball does not. Hockey and baseball, money-wise, two entirely different things. What's the value right now of the Boston Red Sox as opposed to the value of the Boston Bruins? That's your answer, then.

Keeping a douchebag from owning a team helps the integrity of the league. Don't believe me? I have some XFL tickets you can buy.

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