Saturday, August 29, 2009

Redskins Player Throws the American Flag to the Ground

Someone needs to help the young man understand proper respect:
Redskins fullback Mike Sellers has apologized for throwing the American flag to the ground during the pregame lineup introductions before Washington's preseason game against the New England Patriots.

Sellers says he meant no disrespect to the flag on Friday night and that he did it in the "heat of the moment." Sellers says he's aware of the proper conduct when it comes to the flag and should have known better, having grown up in an Army family.

The Redskins last year began a routine in which the last person introduced before the game runs out of the tunnel hoisting the American flag. Sellers carried the flag to midfield, then flung it down near the 50-yard line before joining his teammates in a midfield huddle.

This was a pretty big screwup, and the cuteness of pre-game introductions is no excuse. You should have the basic common sense to realize that you cannot just throw the American flag to the ground, whether you're a football player or not.

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