Sunday, August 16, 2009

This isn't going to end Stephon Marbury's career

I had a good laugh at the phony outrage expressed here:
That should do it for Stephon Marbury's NBA career. Sure, there's a chance it might have been over anyway, but it should be official now.

Marbury was shown the other day on his livestream smoking marijuana, then later acknowledged that he occasionally smokes weed. He added the caveat that "he's not under contract right now" so he's "following the rules."

Let's not even get into that right now. Forget about where you come down on the whole legalization of pot thing.

This is about judgment, and Marbury has shown he no longer has the judgment to run an NBA team. Of course, it's easy to insert a one-liner here about whether Marbury ever did, but the point is that this is likely the last straw with him.

What self-respecting NBA owner is going to go out and sign this guy right now?

What those of us in the know call "The Chronic" has become synonymous with life in the National Basketball Association. It's as essential to the experience of being an NBA player as are the expensive headphones used in lieu of iPod earbuds, the ill-fitting $9,000 suit, and the cluster of groupies waiting in the hotel lobby. Dealing The Chronic to an NBA team is a guaranteed ride on a year-round gravy train for any self-respecting entrepreneur.

The only way this would be news would be if Marbury had passed three different independently-administered urinanlysis tests. Season's over. They're all toking it up over the line. They're obliterating the line. Half of the NBA is so stoned right now that they're watching old episodes of CSI and they're laughing themselves into a bleary-eyed stupor because they don't know why everyone on that show is so serious.

If the NBA stopped using The Chronic, all hell would break loose, and there would be fights in every quarter of every game.

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