Saturday, August 15, 2009

When Baseball Players Lie About Injuries

Lying about an injury that keeps you from playing isn't smart:

The Philadelphia Phillies said right-hander Brett Myers has changed his description of how he sustained an injury that forced him to miss his first scheduled rehab start.

The Phillies originally said Saturday that Myers injured an eye while playing catch with his 4-year-old son.

Later in the day, Phillies spokesman Kevin Gregg said Myers told general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. he actually slipped while getting out of his truck and hit his face on Friday night.

"Brett told us one story and then he told us this story," Gregg said. "We were misinformed by Brett.

"He slipped getting out of his truck last night, hit his face and suffered significant swelling around his eye."

Gregg said each version of the injury was reported by Myers to Amaro.

Myers, out since May 28 due to a torn labrum in his right hip, had been scheduled to pitch one inning for Class A Clearwater on Saturday night.

I'd be inclined to fire Mr. Myers, were I his employer. I do not countenance lying of any kind in my employees. I once deliberately walked around the office with a wide, ugly tie on. It had a picture of Daffy Duck on it. It was green, black, orange, and purple. It was hideous.

I would go up to my employees and ask them if they liked my tie. Anyone who lied to me, I fired them. The problem was, no one lied to me. They all told me they hated my tie, and that I was a jackass for wearing it. One employee called me a ridiculous old fart with a penchant for the ridiculous.

I miss the old days. My employees hated me, but it was that good kind of hate that gets things done in the workplace. Here's to Mr. Myers coming back to pitch well after being hit in the eye by a girl who thought he was looking down her shirt (which is what I suspect really happened).

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