Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Monta Ellis is the Next Stephon Marbury

He may be worse than Marbury, if that's possible:
Stephen Curry is about as fresh-faced as a NBA rookie can be.

The 21-year old is soft-spoken and thoughtful. His lone tattoo, discreetly inked on the inside of his left wrist, is the motto of Davidson, the small college he guided to the Elite Eight in 2008. "T.C.C.": Trust, Commitment, Care.

Curry might want to look into laser tattoo removal because he's a Warrior now. And "Trust, Commitment, Care" is most certainly not in the Warriors' vocabulary.

At Curry's first NBA media day on Monday, the Warriors dysfunction -- their lack of trust, commitment void and utter carelessness as a franchise -- was on full display. It wouldn't be a new Warriors season without more drama from the NBA's most inept franchise. And, right on schedule, the Warriors are delivering.

Curry spoke with excitement about the potential of pairing in the Warriors backcourt with Monta Ellis. He described the possibility of a "very explosive duo."

But a few minutes later, Ellis appeared and dropped this gem: he can't play with Curry.

"Can't," Ellis said. "Just can't."

When told that the Warriors brass was contemplating exactly such a backcourt, Ellis said, "They say they can. But they can't. I just want to win. And you're not going to win that way."

The Warriors rarely win, of course. Last season derailed before it ever began when Ellis -- the player the Warriors had decided to build around -- went for a moped ride and ripped up his ankle. Ellis missed much of the season and the team threatened to void his $66 million contract.

Ellis is such a brilliant basketball mind that he knows what combination of players will win? He definitely needs to be named head coach, then.

This kind of thing is standard in the NBA. The only thing you can count on is that there will be more head games, and the first thirty or so games of the season will be played at half-speed in a lot of arenas, with a lot of flashy nothing and a lot of bricks taken against players who aren't bothering to defend.

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