Thursday, October 22, 2009

John Kent Cooke Unloads

The son of Jack Kent Cooke, one John Kent Cooke, unloads on the team that his family used to own:
Native Washingtonian...: ...whose blood runs burgundy (well, it used to...).

There's no other way to put it: the story about you broke my heart. The way Mr. Snyder has run this team is the polar opposite of everything you and your father did. You built something. He's trying to buy something. I have been a Redskins fan since the day I was born, but am finding myself sorely tested these days...

I did think the quote from Sonny at the end of the piece -- that had your father thought you could run the team, he would have left it to you, was out of line. (After all, he's well known to be in the pro-Snyder camp.)

While I don't think you would share exactly what you really think of Sonny and his comment, I am curious at your thoughts on it in general.

John Kent Cooke: Sonny was mistaken. My father could not leave the Redskins to me and the family for two reasons: he wanted the foundation to be significant and the size of his estate at that time was not as large as it was previously, and subject to estate taxes. When my father realized this he changed his will that had previously allowed him to pass the Redskins to my family and Elmendorf Racing Stables to my brother's family.

Arlington, Va.: First of all, Daniel Snyder is the worst thing that could have ever happened to the Redskins. Despite the way he is running the Redskins organization, I think the biggest travesty is the fact that he sold the naming rights to the stadium in Landover. This stadium was Mr. Cooke's legacy, built with his own money, and its name should have remained Jack Kent Cooke Stadium to memorialize his life and death. It was he who brought the team to glory, and Danny boy who is bringing it down. How do feel about this?

John Kent Cooke: AMEN!

Bethesda, Md.: Comment/ The story was great, I have been saying all along that it was the fact the team was allowed to even be taken out of the Cooke Family, although I respect John's admiration of his dad, senior Cooke did the long supporting fans no favor, but wish somehow someone would get Snyder to talk to fans, apologize and offer a plan for a REAL GM with a chance of 5 years. Snyder got 10. Thanks

Mike Wise: Thanks for the comment. If Jack Kent Cooke knew the franchise would be where it is today, I gotta think he would have found a way to give it to his son. That's just me. What say you, Mr. Cooke?

John Kent Cooke: Mike, there was a way as I described to you in our interview. The League changed the rules to allow a majority partner to have 20% of a club instead of 50% as previously. My father and I were discussing this and unfortunately he died before we could implement it. This is how Dan Rooney was able to purchase the Steelers.

Rarely do you see this kind of candor from someone about a major sports franchise. The anti-Dan Snyder sentiments expressed all throughout the region are reaching a fever pitch, worse than anything I have ever seen.

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