Monday, October 12, 2009

That Which He Dare Not Utter

Someone has finally decided to snap:
For much of the decade during which Daniel Snyder has owned the Redskins, many fans and members of the media have blamed Snyder for the team's struggles.

Rarely, if ever, do any of the employees of the organization point a finger at Snyder.

Cornerback Carlos Rogers has done it.

His broader point? Everyone is to blame. The message? The first one to blame is the guy who has the keys.

"It not only starts with the players, coaches," Rogers said, per the Associated Press. "It starts with the ownership."

Rogers is right, and it is time someone said it out loud. There appears to be no one, save perhaps Joe Gibbs, who can sit down with Snyder and explain to him that a professional football team needs to have an empowered general manager and a certain hands-off structure in order to operate. That Gibbs has failed to get that across to Snyder by now indicates that it would take a real come-to-Jesus meeting between the two, one where Gibbs would be willing to sever ties to the organization out of embarrassment for what it has become.

Snyder should sit down with the ownership teams in Pittsburgh or New England in order to better understand the role that a general manager should play under the supervision of an owner. At some point, you have to stop pretending you know how to judge talent when most of the talent you've gone out and signed has failed to mesh with the system you keeping having to change because you can't find a stable situation at the coaching position. When Snyder went out and got Jim Zorn, you knew that Zorn was going to be thrown under a bus.

The question is--who has the courage to say that Rogers is right?

[Image - Carlos Rogers...]

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