Monday, October 12, 2009

Who Cares If Limbaugh Buys into the St. Louis Rams?

I'm pretty sure that, even if you are a Hefty bag full of horrible crap, you are still allowed to buy things in this country:
The Rev. Al Sharpton wants the National Football League to block conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh from bidding on the St. Louis Rams.

Sharpton sent a letter to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell on Monday. He said Limbaugh has been divisive and "anti-NFL" in some of his comments.

Limbaugh did not immediately respond to a request for comment Monday.

Limbaugh said last week that he is teaming up with St. Louis Blues hockey team owner Dave Checketts in a bid to buy the Rams. He has declined to discuss details of the offer, citing a confidentiality agreement.

In 2003, Limbaugh worked briefly on ESPN's NFL pregame show. He resigned after saying Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb was overrated because the media wanted to see a black quarterback succeed.

NFL Players executive director DeMaurice Smith on Saturday made a move to solidify the union against Limbaugh's bid in an e-mail to the union's executive committee.

"I've spoken to the Commissioner [Roger Goodell] and I understand that this ownership consideration is in the early stages," Smith wrote in the e-mail. "But sport in America is at its best when it unifies, gives all of us reason to cheer, and when it transcends. Our sport does exactly that when it overcomes division and rejects discrimination and hatred."

I won't defend the things that Rush has said--he's an entertainer, and sensible people should take whatever he says with a grain of salt, and, oh by the way, any influence he has is directly because people over-react to him, not because he is telling the truth. Every time there's an uproar about Limbaugh, I should ring that bell that sent Pavlov's dog into a tail-wagging drool. It would signal the phony outrage and the hand-wringing to begin.

Do we really want Reverend Sharpton telling us who can own NFL teams? What if the St. Louis Rams fold up because no one will buy a sufficient ownership stake in the team? How would it go over to see an NFL franchise collapse over something like this?

So what if Limbaugh becomes a minority owner in the Rams? Minority ownership means nothing in the NFL. When was the last time a minority owner was able to ruin a team? You have to be Danny Snyder to ruin a team, and I'm pretty sure he's not a minority owner of the Redskins. Limbaugh's real passion is the NFL, and he would trade his political commentary to be taken seriously as a football pundit.

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