Sunday, October 18, 2009

You Can't Fire Charlie Weis Now

It's 12:42 on the East Coast and Angels-Yankees are still going, and, for the 23,094 time tonight, someone has actually written these words:

12:38 | McCarver's a **** moron | BBop

So, maybe I'll get to baseball, maybe I won't.

Today was all about USC and Notre Dame [USC won, 34-27] played a game that was certainly enjoyable, and all the more so because Notre Dame did not quit. As much as I wanted to believe that this was it for Charlie Weis, how can you fire him now? How can you say that he's not able to coach? He found ways to keep his team in a game against a USC team that should have gone to South Bend and buried them.

It came down to four yards, as the man says, just four yards. This is the part of the article that makes this season for Notre Dame one full of potential:
Notre Dame players choked back sobs as they stood before the student section for the playing of the alma mater. Weis looked miserable. After the final note, as the players trudged toward the locker room, a group of recruits followed them. One was Chris Martin, a defensive end from Aurora, Colo., who favors Notre Dame but who also has offers from USC, Florida and a host of others. "Next year," Martin yelled to a friend, "put me in, coach."

Whether Weis is the coach next year is anyone's guess. Judging by Saturday's result, he seems to have the program headed in the proper direction, but his two signature games are near-misses against USC. He still doesn't have a hallmark win. If the Irish go undefeated the rest of the way, they'll play in a BCS bowl for the third time in his tenure. But the schedule isn't a cakewalk. It wouldn't shock anyone if Notre Dame lost to Boston College, Pittsburgh, Navy or Stanford.

All we know is that Weis loves a bunch of cardiac kids who turn every game into a thriller. "Anyone who doesn't realize the fight in the Fighting Irish," Weis said, "is missing the boat."

Now, go ahead and fire Weis, but remember--Notre Dame can, and has done, much worse. Much worse. That may not be enough, but at least Notre Dame isn't Ohio State right now, and at least Charlie Weis is better than Jim Tressel, and Jim Tressel has won a national championship.

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