Thursday, November 12, 2009

What's Going on in Tennessee?

While I don't think this is entirely a reflection on Lane Kiffin and his team, it does speak to who he's recruiting right now:
Three freshmen Tennessee football players, including highly touted wide receiver recruit Nu'Keese Richardson and starting safety Janzen Jackson, were charged with attempted armed robbery Thursday morning.

Richardson, 18, and Jackson, 18, along with defensive back Mike Edwards, 18, and companion Marie Montmarquet, 22, were charged after a report of an armed robbery at a gas station in an area known as "The Strip" at the edge of Tennessee's campus.

It was not clear if any of the suspects had hired a lawyer.

"At this time we are currently evaluating the circumstances surrounding an incident involving Mike Edwards, Janzen Jackson and Nu'Keese Richardson," athletic director Mike Hamilton said. "Any decisions or comments regarding their status will not be made until the evaluations are complete."

The three victims told police they were sitting in their parked vehicle about 2 a.m. Thursday at a gas station near Tennessee's campus when two males dressed in hooded jackets, one brandishing a handgun, approached and demanded, "Give us everything you've got."

"The victims stated that they all presented their wallets to the suspects and showed them that they did not have money," the police report said. "The victims stated that a third black male then approached and told the other two black males, 'We've got to go."'

The three suspects were seen leaving in a Toyota Prius, and police pulled over a vehicle matching the description on Tennessee's campus. Police spotted a pellet gun and hooded jackets and later found drug paraphernalia and a bag of what appeared to be marijuana.

Freshmen are going to screw up, but this bad? THIS bad?

I wanted to get some perspective on this from a blog dedicated to Tennessee NCAA football. I went to one that I thought was going to have some great stuff. You can't just sit here in a vaccuum and say things without adding some value and perspective, and the people who live and breathe this stuff aren't always going to carry water for a university or for a program. They're going to be knowledgeable.

Sadly, this is what you find:
Thats right Volunteer fans this year the Big Orange won’t be bowling. The Vols sunk to 3-7 this past Saturday after an embarrasing Homecoming loss to Wyoming in Neyland Stadium. The players certainly didn’t respond how most has hoped to the news of Phillip Fulmer’s forced resignation. I was really hoping the Volunteers could take care of these last three games for the big guy, a win one for the gipper type deal. No such luck. Volball reflects.

First off, again I feel completely sorry for our defense. Not that this was an opponent that they should have had trouble with but, the defense didn’t surrender any points in my opinion. The three yard touchdown pass was hardly their fault after an interception return put the cowboys all the way down to the three yard line. It is a sad day when our offense surrenders more points to the opposing team than the defense.

Which brings me to that side of the ball. Our offensive line is absolute trash, these boys are a disgrace to Tennessee football. Every week they seem to find a way to kill a drive with a holding penalty. And personally I am sick of seeing them go crazy every time we break off a decent run. Do you job and shut your mouth, maybe all your dancing makes you to tired to do it on a down to down basis. Dare I insult the coaching given recent happenings but, where the heck is B.J. Coleman? Stephens was obviously not turning the corner, he was consistently mediocre but, how do you put the ball back into Crompton’s hands after his season thus far. Its time Coleman was given a shot to take some snaps.

And like I said dare I say anything about coaching but, personally I am done with this hot runner junk. Tauren Poole was clearly the hot runner the kid was breaking off continuous big runs on first down. How do you expect to get a guy into a rhythm when not matter how well he does you rotate the backs?

Overall, I am just extremely upset with how the players who so deeply loved their coach responded to his ousting. If you had half the heart Coach Fulmer did you would have responded to the news by winning a few for the head coach. Now you will be sending coach Fulmer out with a losing record and a short season. I don’t even want to think about what Vandy and the Cats are going to do against our beloved Big Orange. Phillip Fulmer day might be a Blue Grass blow out, did you see Kentucky against Georgia? Volball Out.

Volball has not updated his blog in a year and two days. Was he (or she?) a student so disgusted with Tennessee football that they just walked away?

Sometimes when you blog, you uncover relics and old sites, abandoned blogs and abandoned ideas. My blogs might go dry, and become abandoned, sinking landmarks one day. I might wake up and never blog again.

What causes people to abandon a blog dedicated to a football team? Apathy? Or disgust? Or does it just happen gradually, and the real answer is, there is no reason why?

I did find some reactions here
First off, every time I heard coach Lane Kiffin tout the fact that no players have been arrested since he was hired, I cringed. Yes, that's a great fact. But arrests are far too common among college athletes to presume to have the market cornered on discipline.

Kiffin made his last comment about the no-arrest string during Wednesday's SEC teleconference. I cringed yesterday morning when I heard Kiffin say it.

The context of the comment came in response to a question about the impact defensive line coach Ed Orgeron has had at Tennessee. The Vols, of course, play at Ole Miss on Saturday and Orgeron will be returning to the stadium where he coached the Rebels from 2005-07 before getting fired.

"He deals with a lot of our discipline and has done a phenomenal job with it," Kiffin said. "We've had the highest (team) GPA we've had in five years. We've had zero arrests in 11 months here."


As for the impact on the roster, again, it's devastating.

and here, and I think that the general consensus is, Coach Kiffin is hoping he doesn't have any more head cases on his team.

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