Monday, November 30, 2009

Will Notre Dame Pull the Trigger?

The New York Daily News says that Notre Dame has already fired Charlie Weis. Well, what does that mean, exactly?
Former Indianapolis attorney Jack Swarbrick knows the next 48 hours could well define his 29-year career in athletics. The Notre Dame athletic director is pondering what to do about football coach Charlie Weis. All reports indicate Swarbrick will sack Weis by tomorrow.

The decision may be easy after this season, which ended with six wins and six losses. But it won’t be cheap, even by Notre Dame standards.

It will cost approximately $18 million to buy out Weis’ contract, and another $2 million to buy out Weis’ assistants. Recall, Weis started so brilliantly at Notre Dame, that his first contract was shredded seven games into his tenure in South Bend and replaced with a 10-year deal. That genius move pre-dated Swarbrick's arrival in South Bend.

And sources have said a high-level replacement (like Oklahoma’s Bob Stoops) will cost Notre Dame at least $25 million in guaranteed money. Sources have confirmed that Swarbrick talked with Stoops over the weekend.

Weis can basically walk away with a retirement fund of his very own. He can take a few years off and then go be a coordinator. He can give speeches. He can write some more books. He can do whatever he want. Maybe, in five years, he'll even come out and talk about how Notre Dame's firing of his successor was because of the ridiculous idea that the Fighting Irish should even try to have a football program in this modern era. Who knows?

Notre Dame Ends the Charlie Weis era:

See you around, Charlie. You were a good guy. You just couldn't win in South Bend. You can probably win somewhere else, but you couldn't do it in South Bend. I suspect it wasn't you, it was them.

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