Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Has Barry Bonds Really Dropped Off the Face of the Earth?

Barry Bonds(notes), 45, has not filed retirement papers, despite not having played in two seasons. Why not? “Because he’s not retired,” said Bonds’ agent, Jeff Borris. “He was run out of the game.”

I find it remarkable that Barry Bonds has simply vanished from baseball, vanished from the public consciousness, gone down the rabbit hole, in other words. In light of the scandal surrounding him, that's probably a relief for him as a person, not so much as a player.

In general, though, you would think that he would be omnipresent, and a part of the sports discussion and a part of what's going on in baseball. Instead, baseball acts like there was no Barry Bonds, like he didn't break the home run record, and that his absence from the discussion is a good thing.

In previous years, you couldn't go a single day without a mention of Barry Bonds. Now? Nothing.

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