Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Character No Longer Counts at USC

If you're Lane Kiffin, how do you know when to unpack your stuff? How many times is this guy going to change jobs?
Lane Kiffin is returning to Southern California as the Trojans’ coach after just one season at Tennessee.

Kiffin was chosen Tuesday to replace Pete Carroll, his mentor and employer for six seasons. Kiffin was the Trojans’ offensive coordinator before his brief stints with the Oakland Raiders and the Volunteers.

His father, respected defensive coach Monte Kiffin, and longtime USC assistant Ed Orgeron also will leave Tennessee to join him, USC said in a statement.

Pops follows him to USC, Kiffin says some stupid things, a bunch of kids make life-altering decisions, and USC goes winless in the PAC Ten.

Winless. In the Pac Ten.

I know I'll probably end up eating my words next year, but my gut feeling is that the NCAA is going to tear the guts out of the USC program and Kiffin is not going to bring class, character, or stability to that program. He's going to bring chaos and a brand new way of doing things, and the Pac Ten is going to feast on USC. He leaves behind the NFL. He leaves behind more than a few broken-hearted, jilted players at Tennessee (or, perhaps not? who knows anymore). He is going to have a heck of a time recruiting this spring when parents with more than a passing knowledge of the game will ask him "why should I believe you when you say you're going to stick around and build a program at USC?"

Winless. Perhaps for the whole season. Even if USC plays a rube to start their season, I don't see the makings of a solid program. I see more of Lane Kiffin's questionable loyalty and snap decisions.

That's my guess and we'll know in 11 months or so if I'm just another naysayer.

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