Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Michigan State Fails to Get a Decent Logo

The old Michigan State Logo (Above) and the New Michigan State Logo (Below)

Sounds like someone is upset:
Last Thursday, the US Patent and Trademark Office posted on its website a new logo registered to Michigan State University for use in intercollegiate athletics. This is approximately their 4,328th new logo scheme in the past 20 years. Not a big deal, right? Athletic teams tweak their logos all the time. Hey, some NHL teams have so many logos and alternate sweaters they could probably wear a different uniform every game.

Well, some Spartan fans aren't taking too kindly to the change. And by "some," I mean "at least 17,548," because that's how many people have joined the Facebook group protesting the change. That's a big enough movement to get Tom Izzo's attention.

Of course, those disgruntled fans probably won't like what Izzo has to say:

"For all of you out there that are complaining, shame on you, because ... we are trying to do what's best for Michigan State University, our athletic department and the great people that we associate with and Nike's done a heck of a job," Izzo said. "Mark Hollis and our president have done a heck of a job and if somebody out there is looking for my support on this mad about the logo, find a new basketball coach because this guy is going 100 percent with our athletic department, our athletic director, our president and I think this is going to be one of the greater moves we've made."

So I guess there's a lot of mutual de-friending going on at MSU right now. Izzo sounds cranky, but I would too if my in-box got flooded like I'm sure his has.

The older logo is more fluid; the newer one is "blockish" and less inspired. It's as if someone cut out green pieces of construction paper and glued them down without really trying to give it some sort of design. Each piece is the identical distance apart; changing the angles and distances between the parts might have made it look a little better; I don't know. The new logo incorporates a lack of proportionality. Think of how a Ford Crown Victoria looks next to a Mazda RX-7. The high notch above the face guard on the new logo must have been someone's idea of incorporating a touch of the film "300" into the new logo or something; why bother going for an attention to historical detail like that when virtually no one really knows or cares what a real Spartan combat helmet looks like. The old logo was a fluid, smooth, easy-to-recognize image. There was a plume, a face guard, and that's it. This one incorporates the blockish piece between the plume and the helmet itself--one of the ugliest and least-competently added pieces to the entire logo.

The only people laughing are Michigan fans, of course.


  1. Man, MSU fans are uptight. I can't even tell the difference at first glance.

  2. Well, I would like to learn more about the logo. Even though this is first article reading about it, but there is information in this article. There are opinions. But what the technical specifications of the branding?