Saturday, January 16, 2010

Mike Florio is a Dishonest Jackass

That was the headline, what you see above.

This is what's left of the story:
PFT’s Picks: Colts return to old form with Ravens in town
Forget the Colts’ late-season malaise; Baltimroe no match for Indy
By Mike Florio
updated 4:36 p.m. ET, Sat., Jan. 16, 2010
Each week,’s Mike Florio will break down and pick the winners of the NFL playoff games.

Baltimore at Indianapolis
The postseason is the occasion for the reversal of trends. Just ask the Cowboys, who found a way to conclude a 13-year winless streak in the postseason.

So at Lucas Oil Stadium, something has to give. The Colts have in recent years performed poorly after a bye week. The Ravens have in recent years been unable to beat the Colts. In fact, Peyton Manning hasn't lost to Baltimore since 2001.

The Colts are the superior team. And the storm of criticism the Colts experienced when opting not to pursue a perfect regular season could provide extra motivation not only to outscore the Ravens, but also to obliterate them.

The last time the Ravens came to town, they left on the wrong end of a 31-3 outcome.

That margin sounds about right.

Pick: Colts 38, Ravens 10

Dallas at Minnesota
This year, as in many, awarding a team the status of front-runner equates to the application of the kiss of death.

After wild-card weekend, the Cowboys have become the odds-on favorite to advance to Super Bowl XLIV, and possibly to win it.

But the Vikings are undefeated at home this season, where their offensive line seems to be more nimble on the fake plastic blades of grass covering the floor that not long ago featured green cement.

The game will turn on whether that offensive line can give quarterback Brett Favre enough time to set up and throw. If Favre can do it, the Vikings can score enough to win the game.

Pick: Vikings 28, Cowboys 24

New York at San Diego
The question of the week is whether the Chargers will be able to devise a successful game plan despite the presence of bona fide shutdown cornerback Darrelle Revis.

But it’s not as if the Chargers have no experience facing great cover men. After all, they play in the AFC West, which entails four games per year against Nnamdi Asomugha of the Raiders and Champ Bailey of the Broncos.

Besides, Revis will take away only one man. The Chargers have multiple weapons on offense. If they can build a double-digit lead and force the Jets to throw, this one could get out of hand.

Pick: Chargers 31, Jets 17

See anything in there about the Saints and Cardinals?

Of course not--because the Saints killed the Cards in the first half.

Either Florio tried to take down his post or someone at MSNBC.Com did, but, either way, you can't be more of a smarmy jackass than Mike Florio right now. I don't fault him for the "Baltimroe" gaffe, either.

Apparently, that intern has had too much soda pop.

Thanks for the prediction, son. Now, could they help you from the scene of your own debacle and hire someone to comment intelligently on sports in your stead?

Is that asking too much? Apparently so.

***UPDATE: Well, I'll give Indy-Baltimore to Florio. He, essentially, got that right, and I guess even a blind pig can find a truffle.

UPDATE 2: Florio missed the Minnesota blowout, but got the winner right. Florio blew the Chargers-Jets pick by a country mile. I guess MSNBC has low standards. You can for .500 and miss the point spreads on all four games by huge margins and keep your gig. What a disgrace.

Better sports writing and analysis, please.

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