Friday, January 22, 2010

Stay in the Crease

A cautionary tale...

If you come across the ice and try to play the puck like that, you're going to get hit. Price deserved to be flat on his back like that. It was a good hit.


  1. That happened to Dominik Hasek in the 1998 Eastern Conference Finals. Some Caps player (forgot who it was... it could have been Peter Bondra) ran Hasek over. Ron Wilson, who was Washington's head coach at the time, said during the post-game interview that he was "fair game." Although I was opposed to Wilson's comments at the time, I can now see where he was coming from. Goaltenders wear more equipment than anyone on the ice and therefore shouldn't receive any special protections if they venture outside of their goal crease.

  2. Well, equipment worn is one thing--lots of guys wear the visors now.

    It's about position on the ice. Are you where you are supposed to be? If so, cheap shots should be called for what they are.

    A goalie who comes that far across the ice to play the puck becomes fair game, and, as you point out, that really hasn't changed.

    Of course you're going to be upset when it's your guy. There's nothing wrong with disagreeing about the call. From the standpoint of the disinterested third party with no dog in the fight, it's a clean hit. I think the penalty was for the extracurricular activity.