Sunday, February 28, 2010

Will the Gamblers Let the NFL Change the Rules for Overtime?

I don't know if this will get off the ground when the money men from Vegas get wind of it:

Many NFL fans have been calling for a change to league's overtime rules. The league isn't prepared to throw away its luck-of-the-coin-toss, winner-take-all approach just yet, but it is planning to discuss an adaptation to the format for the playoffs. According to a league spokesman, the new system being considered would allow both teams to have possession at least once in overtime of a playoff game, unless the team which receives the ball first (a.k.a. the team that wins the coin toss (except for that one time with Detroit, but chances are the league does not expect the Lionsto be in the playoffs any time soon)) scores a touchdown. The competition committee will further consider the proposal at the league meetings next month. Two thirds of teams would need to agree with the proposal for it to be adopted.

Yes, but what do the gamblers say? That's the only constituency that the NFL really cares about. The overtime is supposedto come down to the coin toss; since that is what decides most situations in life, letting an NFL game come down to a coin toss is really what the decision to use it was all about in the first place.

Let's face it. If you win the coin toss, but cannot score, you deserve to lose the game.

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