Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Is This Worth Worrying About Right Now?

High at the top of my list of priorities--you, know, things that NEED to get done--I would put these things:
1. Put more Americans back to work
2. Restore faith in our banking and investment industries
3. End the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan
4. Control government spending
5. Educate more Americans
There are many other critical things that need to be done as well. We need more savings, better information about the food we eat, better health care for uninsured Americans, and incentives for small businesses to start and then stay in business.
Do we really need to talk about this at a time when we're spending ourselves into oblivion, our infrastructure is crumbling, our Veterans are going without the help they need and while millions of Americans aren't getting enough to eat?
Vice President Joe Biden is expected to announce the change Tuesday, said the official, who is not authorized to speak on the record.
The 1972 Title IX education amendment required gender equity in sports programs at educational institutions receiving federal funds.
Universities initially faced three requirements to prove they were complying with the law: that the proportion of male and female students participating in sports at the university was proportional to the number of male and female students enrolled in the university; that the university was expanding opportunities for women students in athletics; and that the university was meeting the athletic abilities and interests of women students.
See, it's all about what George W. Bush did to ruin America:
In 2005, the administration of former President George W. Bush changed the third requirement, allowing the university to prove it was meeting the athletic interests of women by carrying out surveys of students' interest in sports. The NCAA and women's sports advocates said a low response to such surveys could be interpreted as indicating a lack of interest in sports when actually it could indicate a lack of availability of sports activities.
Under the new policy, universities will no longer be able to claim that a low response to surveys means a low interest in sports, the official said. The new rules still will allow the use of surveys, but universities will have to go further to prove they are complying.
The offiicial told CNN the new rules "restore the system to what it was before" the 2005 change. That rule "made it easier for universities to avoid complying with Title IX," the official said.
While those same universities are jacking up tuition because their state funding has been cut, they'll have to allocate resources to make certain that everyone in school registers a sound, informed opinion about the viability of the school's female water polo team. As always, this is because George W. Bush ruined America. Well, this is one thing the Obama Administration is all over. They can ignore torture, war, death, assassination and extraordinary rendition and they can ignore the fact that your privacy rights have been shredded sixty-seven different ways, but they cannot ignore the fact that college kids have no goddamned opinion about Title IX. Most college kids, by the way, don't play sports. What a shock.
This is what it's like when you have nothing going on, and life is an embarrassment of riches. You have time to devote to worrying about whether or not someone is taking the time to fill out a questionnaire about men's and women's sports. Title IX has ruined athletic programs all over the country while improving things for women. It's too bad we couldn't have found something that would improve things for women without eliminating sports for men. There are a lot of defunct teams and programs out there, thanks to Title IX, and now the Obama Administration has sent Joe Biden out there to make things even worse.
Is that a fiddle I hear in the distance while I'm roasting weenies? Is the Emperor up to his shenanigans again? Shouldn't Rome have a better fire department right now?
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