Friday, April 9, 2010

North Dakota Needs a New Mascot

North Dakota needs a new mascot:

A state Supreme Court ruling and a Board of Higher Education decision have retired for good the University of North Dakota's Fighting Sioux nickname after a four-year legal battle.

The court ruled Thursday that the board had the authority to dump the nickname at any time. The court rejected an appeal that sought to delay action.

A motion later Thursday at the board's regularly scheduled meeting in Mayville to reconsider its vote in May to retire the nickname died after nobody seconded it.

Claus Lembke, the board member who made the failed motion, said the board was "giving in to a minority of people on the issue."

Board president Richie Smith had said before the vote that he thought no further action was required to retire the nickname.

Board member and university alumnus Grant Shaft said afterward that he believes most people are tired of the controversy.

"I think people have moved to the point, for a number of reasons, that they wanted this to move along," Shaft said.

I guess that if you just give up, you won't get to maintain the tradition of your school. It must not be that big a deal if people are surrendering to the lawsuits and changing their mascots. Perhaps they can work on a hayseed farmer motif or a drunken Santa Claus mascot--both would be surefire winners. I love the alcoholic Santa theme, and I wish there was a team that represented the pathos of a drunken Kris Kringle, failing to deliver presents and clean himself after being sick.

That's me, though. I hate the holidays. This is my favorite time of the year. No holidays.

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