Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Is Lane Kiffin Worth Four Million Dollars a Year?

The Kiffins and their nutty detour through Tennessee

This is probably not news, and it's probably not a surprise, but, wow:

Quick exits from the Oakland Raiders and Tennessee Volunteers and just 12 wins over two years did little to deter USC from making Lane Kiffin one of the highest-paid college coaches.
The private school, which doesn't make coaching contracts public, is paying Kiffin $4 million a year -- nearly as much as it paid Pete Carroll -- according to a report on HBO's "Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel," which will air on Tuesday night.
Carroll was paid $4.4 million, and he won two national championships and seven Pac-10 titles.
Kiffin, who made $2 million last season in Tennessee, is on par with veteran coaches Mack Brown of Texas, Alabama's Nick Saban, Florida's Urban Meyer, LSU's Les Miles and Oklahoma's Bob Stoops in terms of salary. He ranks ahead of Ohio State's Jim Tressel. Every one of those coaches has won at least 12 games in a season en route to national championships.
Is he worth it?
He's never won anything and he's never done anything to deserve the coveted spot that he occupies. There is no "Coach Lane Kiffin." There's Lane Kiffin, and then the people he brings with him, including his father. Now, is Lane Kiffin plus daddy worth that kind of money?
I have no idea. I suspect Kiffin will bail on USC after three games, possibly four, to go coach the Washington Redskins, who will fire Mike Shanahan if he goes 0-3. If ever there was an impulsive team that was perfect for the most impulsive of coaches, it's Washington.

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