Saturday, May 8, 2010

This is Not What a Fan Does

I don't know if this poor young man is just "misunderstood" or what, but he's anything but a "fan" of the game of golf:

A 36-year-old man attending the second round of The Players Championship was subdued by a Taser on Friday.

Travis Parmelee, of Jacksonville, was charged with disorderly intoxication and resisting arrest without violence, said St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office Capt. Dave Messenger.

Messenger said course marshals notified officers that Parmelee was yelling at players and being belligerent near the 11th hole. Officers responded and attempted to calm Parmelee down, but they said he became more combative.

This is why I don't go to golf tournaments in Northern Florida--too many leering, hollering fools and way too much beer being served on the course. I have been known to be ejected from tournaments myself; I am banned for life from several facilities, most notably, Fenway Park; but heckling during a golf game is unseemly. That's a bit like enjoying something Jay Leno does on his little television program; it simply will not do.

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