Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Albert Haynesworth Needs to Sit Down With His Banker

Former Coach Jim Zorn and Albert Haynesworth

These are not good times for poor Albert Haynesworth:

Disgruntled Washington Redskins star Albert Haynesworth is potentially facing financial trouble off the field, according to a report.
Clayton Bank and Trust in Tennessee is suing the defensive tackle for almost $2.4 million, according to USA Today's website. The report said the bank is suing because Haynesworth hasn't been making payments on a loan received last June. The suit was filed last week.
The Redskins are going to see if they can recoup all or part of a $21 million bonus from the two-time All Pro defensive tackle. The team decided to take the action after Haynesworth, who signed a $100 million contract before last season, failed to report for a mandatory two-day minicamp earlier this month. He is unhappy because the Redskins are switch to a 3-4 defense where he has to play nose tackle.

What with his inability to understand that, if you refuse to show up for work, your team can take away your bonus and his inability to understand that, by signing with one of the most unstable franchises in all of professional sports that he would not get to have any say in how the Washington Redskins organize their defense, it's hard to say what will happen to Haynesworth.

Can you see him whining about having to play nose tackle? Listen, if the Redskins actually go more than one season with the same coaches in place, it's a miracle. Who's to say that Haynesworth wouldn't play nose tackle for a few games and then end up returning punts by Thanksgiving?

Yes. Oakland. That's where they'll dump him. Oakland or Cincinnati. And they'll probably take a huge slice of his money away from him, too.
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