Thursday, June 17, 2010

Albert Haynesworth Wants to Sit Around And Watch His Stories

More dysfunction for the Washington Redskins:

Washington Redskins players are calling Albert Haynesworth selfish for skipping the team's mandatory minicamp and demanding a trade.
Haynesworth wasn't present Wednesday morning when the team took the field for practice. The two-time All-Pro defensive tackle is staying away because he doesn't want to play in the Redskins' new defensive scheme.
Players responded with some of the harshest comments that can be directed at a teammate.

I think I speak for every guy on this team: We all feel like he turned his back on us.

-- Phillip Daniels
"Albert made a very selfish decision," veteran linebacker London Fletcher said. "When you decide to play a team sport, you have to look at it and think about everybody involved in the situation. This is not golf, tennis, things like that, where it's an all-about-you sport. What he's decided to do is make a decision based on all-about-him.
"It's no different than his attitude and approach to last year's defense, about wanting everything to revolve around him and him making plays. And if it didn't benefit him, he wasn't really willing to do it."
Coach Mike Shanahan revealed that the Redskins told Haynesworth in February that they would agree to release him and let him go to another team -- in exchange for not paying him a $21 million bonus due April 1.
Ought to be a great season. Maybe they'll go 6 and 10 with limited distractions.
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