Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Where Will Tom Izzo Land?

Tom Izzo is dancing around the subject:
Tom Izzo wouldn't even tell one of his young campers if he wants to coach the Cleveland Cavaliers or stay at Michigan State.

Izzo was at his basketball camp Monday when a boy tried to get the scoop, inquiring about the coach's interest in jumping to the NBA.

"Bad question," Izzo said. "Those guys up there want to know that."
A pack of reporters, six TV cameras and two photographers were given limited access to the camp as Izzo addressed hundreds of boys and many of their parents at the Breslin Center, where Michigan State's championship and Final Four banners are in the rafters.

The money must not be right yet. That's the only thing that I can think of.

No, wait. There's also the minor subject of LeBron James and whether or not he's going to be there next season. Izzo probably won't commit to anything unless he knows that King James is going to be there. If Izzo takes the job anyway, knowing his star player won't be there, then he's taking the job for the money and for the money only.

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