Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Francisco Liriano Gives Us the First No-hitter of the Year

People are going to carp about this no-hitter to no end. Francisco Liriano gets a tremendous feather in his cap and he does it with just two strikeouts and with six walks. He gets a no-hitter and his ERA falls to--get this--6.61. This is a pitcher who, in ten seasons, has never pitched a complete game or thrown a shutout.

Francisco Liriano's 123rd pitch of the night headed to the plate, and Adam Dunn turned on it.The ball streaked toward the left side of the infield. For an instant, it appeared Liriano's no-hit bid might be shattered with one out to go.
Shortstop Matt Tolbert took two steps to his right, gloved the liner, spun around and raised the ball in triumph with his bare hand. Then he sprinted to the mound, where the pitcher was being mobbed by teammates, to personally deliver the prize.
The only thing that counts is what's on that scoreboard. A badly needed win and the first of what, I hope, will be many no-hitters this year.

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