Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Passive Aggressive Tendencies of Brett Favre

Given all of the man's ethical and legal problems (no idea if he really has any legal issues, but still), why bother to even speak to anyone in the press anymore? Let's not forget that Brett Favre was the inspiration for Anthony Weiner's Cock Shot Heard Round the World.

I mean, unless you're trying to trick some NFL franchise into giving you a chance to play next year (Detroit? Carolina? San Francisco? Oakland? Who else?), there's no reason to tell people just how good you can still throw:
Brett Favre says he’s really, truly done playing football. But he wants to make clear that if he wanted to keep playing, he could.
I can still throw the ball as well as I ever have. No question about that,” Favre told the Sun Herald today at his football camp.
But what Favre can’t handle anymore is the wear and tear on his body that an NFL season is sure to bring.
“I don’t want to put my body through that anymore,” he said. “I’ve been beat up enough.”
Favre indicated that he’d like to work with young football player, “but in what capacity, I’m not really sure yet.” He added that he has “no plans right now and we’ll see where that takes me.”
I think there's a question as to whether or not he can still throw "as well as I ever have," in his own words. The only reason why you would say something like that is to entice a quarterback-starved franchise to give you a shot.

And the first thing they'll say is, really, you can throw? Yes, but can you drop back and see the field like you could a few years ago? Do you have the quickness and the stamina to play two halves of professional football? I'm glad you can wing the ball down the field. Can you execute plays and actually move the ball? How about we do some drills and see where you're at?

Something tells me Danny Snyder's Redskins are willing to skip the drills and start clearing locker room space for Mr. Favre.
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