Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Andy Pettitte is the Key to the Roger Clemens Case

The judge in the case of Roger Clemens has barred some of Andy Pettitte's testimony:

It’s unclear if Andy Pettitte and Chuck Knoblauch will be completely eliminated from the Roger Clemens trial, but the judge ruled this morningthat they will not be permitted to testify about Brian McNamee providing them performance enhancing drugs as a means of establishing that, yes, it may be likely that Clemens got some too.
This is a different tack that the judge in the Barry Bonds case took, in which other BALCO clients and former Bonds teammates testified about their own drug use.  Presumably, Pettitte, to the extent he has something to say on the matter, could still testify regarding his personal knowledge of Clemens’ own drug use.
I think Pettitte remains the most credible witness and the key to convicting Clemens. If he rolls over and doesn't testify, or if what he says turns out to be in favor of the defense that Clemens is putting up, then I think the case could unravel.

We're definitely not going to get any more Mindy McCready stuff out of this trial. Perhaps another one, then?

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