Sunday, September 25, 2011

You Don't Know Bud

So much for what Drew Silva knows about Bud Selig.

Baseball is not the number one consideration for Selig. Money is more important than baseball, and the Dodgers are losers. If terminating the Dodgers gets rid of Frank McCourt and opens up a one-time, come one, come all bidding war to be the "new" Dodgers of the National League, then that's what will happen. You could condemn Dodger Stadium tomorrow and the resulting wave of real estate moves in that part of the greater Los Angeles area would begin as if nothing had happened. You could open up the bidding for another franchise and the billions would flow. Another franchise could move to Los Angeles and set up shop or, and this is where it gets tricky, Selig could strike a deal with Arte Moreno and the Angels could be the sole franchise for that market. Moreno has gone after the Dodgers fans; why not hand them to him on a silver platter?

Selig does not make idle threats. And kicking the Dodgers out of baseball means, what, exactly? That a perennial loser goes and that a franchise more to Selig's liking (say, the Milwaukee Brewers?) moves into that slot? Stranger things have happened.

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