Monday, November 7, 2011

Better Run That by the Alumni, Lady

The best thing I have read about all of this so far compares Joe Paterno to your average Catholic bishop with a bad priest on his hands. The sin of omission is the sin we're talking about here, and it looks like Joe Pa dusted off his hands and walked away, just like so many other bishops and officials of the Catholic church did. So much for a being a leader.

Should Penn State be taken off the field? Absolutely.

But what about the alumni? Oh, no, we couldn't have that

You see, in America, it doesn't matter if one or ten or fifteen little boys got raped--what matters is the next home game, the next chance all of those well-heeled bigwigs can get together and watch some football, the next big mass where the offering plate can get passed around, the next chance everyone has to get together, bullshit, and break some bread. And that's what is sickening about this. How does Joe Pa, a man who I have long admired, get away with this? It pains me to write this, but I am sorry for ever admiring Paterno. He is a buck-passing shill for a game that has become a sick and twisted institution. I take back everything I ever said about him. The man has no character.

If this doesn't demonstrate that the institution of college football has knocked our priorities completely out of whack, I don't know what will. The game of football means nothing compared to the destroyed life of a single child. But you'd better get someone from the alumni association to confirm that for you, because, man, what a bummer all of this is, right? Why couldn't it have all just been whitewashed away, right?

Well, Joe Pa was part of the whitewash. His legacy is gone. He is the coach who hired the guy who raped little boys in the locker room and did the bare minimum to make sure it maybe wouldn't happen anymore.

Did Joe Pa beat the hell out of Sandusky? And if not, why didn't he? I mean, at a very simple level--if you are the head football coach, and one of your guys is discovered raping a child in your locker room, what do you do? Besides call the cops, beat the hell out of the guy, get help for the child, tell people that there is a "sickness in what used to be your coaching staff" and tell the world you are goddamned sorry it happened and that it will never goddamned happen again and that the game of football is nothing compared to this goddamned tragedy. Where is the evidence Joe Pa was human? Because that's what a human being would have done.

The NCAA should go back to the date where Paterno was told of what was happening, and make that the day from which all of his victories are now vacated and invalidated. Retroactively, his coaching career should have been ended the day he did nothing. Let him have whatever he did until that day. And, from then on, nothing.

I think that the entire program should be shut down for five years. Let everyone transfer, but close that building for five years. And let the alumni deal with it.

Joe Paterno is dead to me now. The coward.

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