Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Jerry Sandusky Doubles Down and Denies Being Guilty

"I have horsed around with kids."

Really? Who is advising this man? Who told him it would be a good idea to get on the phone? And I have always admired Bob Costas for what it is he does, but how did he get to be the one to have to sit through this? Costas is entitled to a free pass into heaven after having to sit and listen to this man lie.

This is the sound that evil makes when gyrating in the wilderness, unafraid of being revealed for what it is. This is the horror of American society right now--the predator being allowed, on national television, to sit at home on the phone and describe how he didn't actually rape the boy he was showering with. Sandusky is taunting everyone with his denials. He's saying "fuck you" to everyone who had to sit and recall what it was he did to them when they were vulnerable.

There's a reason why predators choose at-risk children--they have little or no credibility. And in the face of that, Sandusky is betting on being able to impeach the credibility of each and every witness against him so that he can continue "horsing around" with kids and taking showers with kids. Amazing.

All you can say after this is, goddamn. He is entitled to a presumption of innocence, but at what cost to the community? Should he be allowed to walk around a free man until something happens in the legal system to warrant his incarceration? I just don't know. At some point, you have to fall back on the idea that the courts know what they're doing. Are they moving glacially slow in this case, and is that threatening kids? Where do you err on the side of caution?

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