Friday, November 25, 2011

Kurt Busch Says He is Sorry

Photo by John Harrelson/Getty Images North America

Just another day in competitive whatever, right? This doesn't have to be about racing, but it is about a growing problem--fans with cameras, catching things that would never have been caught twenty or thirty years ago.

At some point, someone will get tired of writing these stories. I don't mean to select this story and single out Kurt Busch; I mean to single this out as being a nothing story. This is driven by technology. Without an outlet, no one would see this and no one would care.

So what if he was upset, abusive, and used the finger? Did he assault anyone? No. He's a race car driver, under a tremendous amount of pressure, and his car was messed up. Have you ever been in an automotive repair shop and seen someone get upset because their car is messed up? But for the grace of God go us all.

When a fan captures video of someone doing something wrong, by all means, put it out there. But why condemn Busch for acting like a human being? He was not "out of control." He didn't run anyone over and he didn't punch anyone. He expressed his frustrations in a less than positive way. And if you can't understand why, you should probably note that those cars go really fast, and there are millions of dollars at stake. I wouldn't want that pressure, and I don't know if I would be as restrained as Busch actually was.

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