Tuesday, December 27, 2011

This is Why No One Missed the NBA

Forget the fact that Flip Saunders is coaching the Washington Wizards--where the hell did that move come from?--and forget the fact that these guys have been sitting around playing video games all year (allegedly). The product that the NBA puts on the court is laughable. It's awful. It's atrocious.

When a player says "I need the ball in the paint," what he really means is, "we are losing because no one is doing everything to make me look good." It never occurred to this young man that the game plan of his opponent might have been to deny him the ball in the paint or to simply disrupt the flow of the game as it pertains to him. Or, it never occurred to him that this is a shortened NBA season and nobody has their legs under them as of yet. What a joke either way. "I need the ball in the paint" is another way of saying "mine, mine, mine!" in preschool.

All you have to do is watch one top-25 college basketball team play in a regular season game. Just one. Against anybody. And you'll see better basketball there than you will between whoever and the Miami Heat or between the Lakers and anybody else.

Flip Saunders? Really? I didn't see that mercy hiring coming.

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