Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Just a Lot of Hype

You can feel the bitchiness rising from this post by Chris Chase.

Why bother getting so worked up? So what if Terrell Suggs said something about Tim Tebow and God? Everyone has been talking about it all season long. This is something that is in the every day conversation of football and the popular culture. Suggs didn't even really go all out in his comments. He made a game strategy and performance reference. He didn't call the man a name or anything like that. As far as being bulletin board material, it's weak.

Terrell Suggs isn't stupid enough to cross that line. But he got close enough to it to make poor Chase think that someone had gone too far and needed some remedial smacking around.

Suddenly, Chris Chase is now in charge of making sure no one can talk about Tebow and God?

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