Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Adrian Peterson Is Going to Buy His Freedom

You can look at this case and speculate endlessly, but, really, what will get Adrian Peterson off is money, and nothing more.

Money for his lawyer, money for the witnesses, money for the fines, money for the bail, money to make people shut the hell up.

I wonder if there is a videotape. That might make all the difference in the world if there is one.

The Minnesota Vikings franchise is one of the worst ever in the sport of football. It has been the home of criminals, rapists, thieves, lowlifes, thugs, bigamists, sex cruise maniacs, drunken stumblebums, and whatever other horror you'd like to throw in there. The club should have been moved to Los Angeles before someone finally debauches a toll road or performs an outrage upon the person of a duck and earns the dubious honor of having every single solitary law in existence broken by one of the players on the team.

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