Monday, July 30, 2012

The Biggest Thing in the World

Is there a reason why I don't care about any of this?

I am a winter olympics sort of person; I have never followed the summer olympics.

False controversies like this really do not interest me, either. There HAS to be drama, so they add fake sound effects and try to tell the "human emotion" and "popular interest" stories in manners outlined above.

It is contrived to think that a soccer player would make a stand on Twitter against an announcer, and do so out of some sort of need to be honest. If threatened with expulsion, the comments would be pulled down. There is no courage exhibited here; merely a tolerance for social media bitching and carping that extends to everyone at the games. This is not a male or female issue; it's a marketing issue.

NBC is going to take yet another bath on these games. Their coverage has been, and will be, dismal. Why bother?

I guess it is because I am a terrible, terrible sports blogger. I simply do not care.

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