Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Destruction of Lance Armstrong

The USADA needs to release what it has so that this material can be scrutinized. If this material does, in fact, destroy Lance Armstrong, then that's what it does. I don't think you can avoid releasing it, but it is fair to say that there's a disconnect here.

The U.S. Department of Justice had the same material, and didn't go after Armstrong. They took a pass on it. That says to me that there are significant chain of custody issues here. And if the material has a chain of custody issue--where the samples were outside of the control of the governing authority and thus could have been tampered with--then that material should be challenged.

If Lance Armstrong is innocent, they'll never believe him. If he's guilty, they'll never give up trying to destroy him. Armstrong should walk away from everything he's built and go have a nice life. No matter how much good he tries to do, it will never be enough. The self-hatred of his enemies is such that they simply cannot allow Armstrong to continue as anything other than a pariah. He's too rich, too famous, too successful for his haters to back away.

As far as I'm concerned, there is no sport of cycling anymore. There are just men who cheated and men who haven't been caught cheating yet. It has no validity, no honor, and no one who legitimately holds any form of title within the sport. It is the playground of cheaters and thieves and whores, and it should be flushed with all of the other pseudo-sports.

Really, would you put your trust in the finale of a competitive cycling event anymore? Would you take that over pro wrestling?


  1. Get your facts straight. The Feds dropped a case of money laundering and fraud. Not doping. Doping is not illegal in the US. But doping is against the rules in the Tour de France and the Olympics. You wrote of a 'disconnect' above. The American Sportsman is a disconnect.

    1. "The Feds dropped a case of money laundering and fraud. Not doping."

      "Federal prosecutors dropped their investigation of Armstrong on Friday, ending a nearly two-year effort aimed at determining whether the world's most famous cyclist and his teammates joined in a doping program during his greatest years."

      "Investigators looked at whether a doping program was established for Armstrong's team while, at least part of the time, it received government sponsorship from the U.S. Postal Service. Authorities also examined whether Armstrong encouraged or facilitated doping on the team. He won the Tour de France every year from 1999-2005."


      Blood doping is illegal; you seem to have confused blood doping with PRP therapy:

      "True blood doping occurs when an athlete has some of his blood removed, waits for a period of time so that his body will restore that lost blood and then injecting the drawn blood back into his body.

      The benefit is a boost in oxygen-rich blood. Blood doping is illegal.

      PRP therapy, on the other hand, occurs within the time it takes a doctor to draw blood, spin down that blood in a centrifuge so the growth factors and the platelets are concentrated into a serum and then injecting that serum back into the injured area of the athlete’s body."


      If I were as stupid as you are, I would remain anonymous as well.