Wednesday, August 8, 2012

All Anyone Cares About is Football

The downward spiral of Andy Reid's son Garrett has been on the radar for a while now; Garret's death probably didn't surprise anyone, but, then again, maybe it did. I would think that, in the Reid family as in any other family, attempts were made to reach out and help their son. I do not know the particulars.

I do think that speculating on what is best for Reid and the football team that he coaches is also a useless endeavor. He has chosen to stick with the business at hand and to continue working the grueling hours of an NFL head coach. His family can go to hell, apparently.

What does it say about a man's values system when he can bury a son and go back to work the next day? Is he really that tough, or is he running away from having to deal with his choices?

The commenters seem to think he's tough and, hey, GO EAGLES. What a disgrace.

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