Monday, August 6, 2012

Boomer Does Not Like Tebow

I think Mr. Esiason is out to do two things: get his name out there and then get his name out there some more, hopefully in a way that will get people talking about Boomer Esiason in a way that benefits Boomer Esiason in a way that would probably suggest that Boomer Esiason knows something about how football is played, and this is especially relevant since Boomer Esiason hasn't played decent football since, well, 1997.

You see, it's all about Boomer. And that's fine. He was a good quarterback; not a great one. Jay Schroeder, taken in the 1984 draft after Esiason, has exactly one more Super Bowl win than Boomer, and you don't see him making an ass out of himself at the drop of a hat, now do you?

If Tim Tebow can't play, he won't. It really is that simple.

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