Sunday, September 16, 2012

USC Can't Beat Stanford

This was one of those games that you watch with a great deal of trepidation. I really thought that USC was going to be able to win at Stanford and continue holding on to their Number Two rating. As of tonight, are they even a top ten team? Really?

It just did not look good. USC could not get anything going up and down the field. The passing game was awful. They lost two running backs. This is the game where there were three interceptions thrown in a role--something I don't remember ever seeing, although I'm sure that it has happened.

At any rate, USC is going to tumble in the rankings, and so you have to ask--is Stanford that good? Probably not. But, against USC, Stanford has been really, really good. Tonight, it wasn't even close. Stanford should have won by twelve or more, and if they had had a kicking game, they would have.

Stanford's David Shaw outcoached Lane Kiffin, and that's the real story here. You have to give Shaw credit because nobody else will.

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