Thursday, June 4, 2015

The Greatest Non-Story in Sports Ever

FIFA is dirty? Corrupt? I did not know that:

Former FIFA Vice President Jack Warner aired a televised broadcast Thursday in which he promised to expose corruption by everyone at soccer’s governing body. “I apologize for not disclosing my knowledge of these events before,” he said, adding that he is delivering documents to his lawyers. “Not even death will stop the avalanche that is coming. The die is cast. There can be no turning back. Let the chips fall where they fall.” The former official, who was one of 14 indicted in the U.S., also added that he “fears” for his life.

This is the end result of decades of looking the other way and imagining a world where a corrupt sports entity just gives people the sport itself without ever facing any scrutiny. There isn't anyone in the world who ever truly believed that FIFA was on the up and up. When World Cup mania paralyzed Germany a few years ago, I was in the middle of it, and everyone enjoyed the hell out of the games. They knew the fix was in but their love of the sport transcended the need to ask questions as to why it was such a corrupt sport.

It took the FBI to fix FIFA? Really? And yet, you could go back twenty years and tell this story and it still wouldn't have surprised anyone.

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