Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Keith Olbermann is Still Unemployable

How many times have I written this post, only to be proven wrong--and then proven right?

Contract talks between ESPN and Keith Olbermann have almost completely broken down, a source familiar with the negotiations tells us, and the controversial host seems nearly a lock to leave the network after his two-year deal expires in August.

According to the source, ESPN seemed intent on re-upping Olbermann when they approached him two months ago about a new deal. Those preliminary talks were promising, we’re told, but Olbermann was urged to reconsider his on-air commentaries—really, the only entertaining part of his show.

As reported by The Hollywood Reporter today, ESPN executives were uncomfortable with Olbermann’s critical commentaries—especially, a source says, those ripping NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and former MLB commissioner Bud Selig. At a second round of contract talks, ESPN again pushed Olbermann to drop the commentaries from his show. We’re told Olbermann refused.

Twenty times, at least. Oh well. I love Keith, I love what he does, but he can't hold a job. 

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