Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Why Does Larry Brown Still Have a Coaching Job?

Larry Brown has a problem.

In order for him to succeed in the ranks of college basketball, he has to look the other way while the people working for him cheat. And that's just how it is for him and for way too many coaches. They have to cheat in order to keep marginally educated young men academically eligible to play. This has been going on since college basketball became competitive and it will continue well into the future because that's the nature of this phony arrangement between big time programs and athletically gifted young men who have no interest in school.

Is Larry Brown any worse than any of the other coaches who have left programs in disarray? No, but he's had a great deal of success and he's a big name. If you were to purge college basketball of Brown, you'd have to throw out two or three dozen other coaches before you even started to get to the bottom of the cheating.

So start there. Throw Brown out and then go after everyone else and clean house. No? Well, then we're done here, aren't we?

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