Tuesday, April 26, 2016

How Much Influence Does Bobby Knight Have in Indiana Anymore?

I can't believe having Bobby Knight endorse you in the state of Indiana would really amount to much:

Donald Trump famously dislikes “chokers” — or “chockers,” as he’s been known to misspell the word in hurried tweets. But on Wednesday, he’ll be standing beside one of the most famous chokers in sports history as he tries to strengthen his support among Indiana Republican primary voters.

Trump’s disdain, of course, is reserved for people who fold under pressure, which is probably why he feels no compunction about accepting the support of former Indiana University basketball coach Bob Knight, whose preferred method of choking involves placing his hand around the throat of one of his players.

The announcement that Knight would appear with Trump in Indiana was a coup for the New York billionaire, who is facing strong competition for the 57 delegates the Hoosier state will send to the Republican nominating convention in July. It came just as Trump’s two main competitors, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and Ohio Gov. John Kasich, announced a limited alliance that would have Kasich stop campaigning in Indiana in order to allow Cruz a chance to challenge Trump one-on-one.

Bobby Knight is a nostalgia figure for the state of Indiana, and, really, only those parts that were a fan of his Hoosier basketball team. He was fired over fifteen years ago and went to coach elsewhere before retiring. He left behind a long trail of outrageous statements and physically violent confrontations with human beings. When they write his obituary, they'll lead with the fact that he got fired because he couldn't control himself anymore. This is what he actually said about it all:

On his time at Indiana and his departure from the school, Knight says: “My fucking heart was ripped out by this goddamn bullshit!”

Notice how there is a definite lack of introspection there.

Knight has a history of refusing any honors. He may have softened in recent years, but he has never really done anything to atone for his conduct in the state of Indiana. Why would anyone voting for a president listen to what he has to say now?

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